information about keeping husky dogs

alaskan, greenland, mackensie, sakhalin, malamute are husky breeds

The Siberian Husky is the breed of husky most commonly kept as a pet, especially in Ireland. There are a number of other husky breeds across the world, which could easily be confused for the Siberian.

Alaskan Husky

These dogs are generally taller, but leaner than their Siberian cousins. They often have brown eyes, whereas Siberians usually have blue. A cross between Alaskan and Siberian huskies was developed in the 1970s, called the Alaskan Amerindian Husky. While the Siberian husky is now most often used as a pet and for show, the Alaskan is more active in work such as sled pulling. Alaskan huskies have more stamina and so are used for longer sled−pulling distances than the Siberian. What are called Alaskan Huskies are often mixes of various breeds the focus with this dog type is creating the best working dog possible rather than sticking to a breed standard. This means that there will be variation in colour and size between individual dogs.

greenland husky
Greenland Husky

Closely related to the Siberian, the Greenland Husky is more aloof and independent. They are also very closely related still to their lupine forbearers. This gives them their somewhat wild and disobedient nature. They are extremely fluffy, with a multi-layered pelt they are built perfectly to deal with cold temperatures. It will not be easy to train a Greenland Husky they will not be happy in any role other than pack leader. Once trained however, they will make an excellent working dog and an affectionate pet. They are approximately the same size as a Siberian Husky but often appear to have a more primitive look.

mackenzie river husky
Mackenzie River Husky

The Mackenzie River Husky is more a type of dog than a specific breed. A number of sled dogs across the Arctic fall under this term. They will generally be long coated and can appear in a number of colours including black, white, great, brown or tan.They will be somewhat gangly and wild compared to Siberian huskies and will be bred as working dogs rather than for appearance.

malamute husky

This breed is often mistaken for the Siberian husky as it bears a similar face and coat colour. In fact, the Malamute is much bigger than the Siberian, often reaching 85 pounds. They are bred to pull heavier objects for longer distances. Some claim that the Malamute is a friendlier breed.

Sakhalin Husky

Also known as Karafuto-Ken, the Sakhalin Husky is originally from Japan. Like its northern relations, it was fit, hardy and bore a thick coat, so was perfect for long expeditions through the snow. It is closely related to the Akita. The breed is perhaps most well-known for its involvement in an unfortunate journey to Antarctica in 1958. fifteen dogs were abandoned when the crew had to make an immediate evacuation. Miraculously, one year later, it was discover that two of the dogs had survived the impossible conditions.